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5T057-42230 Safety Switch Compatible with Kubota B2301HSD B2301HSD-1 B26 B2601HSD

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Product Description

Part Name: Safety Switch
Part Number: 5T057-42230 52320-42883 52320-42900 52320-42882 52320-42880
Application Models
Compatible with Kubota Models B2301HSD; B2301HSD-1; B26; B2601HSD; B2601HSD-1; B2650HSD; B2650HSDC; B3350HSD; B3350HSDC; B3350SUHSD; M5-091HD/HD-1; M5-091HD12/HD12-1; M5-091HDC/HDC-1; M5-091HDC12/HDC12-1; M5-111HD/HD-1; M5-111HD12/HD12-1; M5-111HDC/HDC-1; M5-111HDC12/HDC12-1; M5140DT; M5140DTC; M5140HD; M5L-111(-SN); M6040DT; M6040DT-1; M6040DTC; M6040DTC-1; M6040HD; M6040HD-1; M6040HDC; M6040HDC-1; M6060HD; M6060HDC; M6H-101SHD; M6L-111SDS/SDS2, M6S-111SDS2; M6S-111SDSC/SDSC2; M6S-111SHD; M6S-111SHDC/SHDC2; M7040DT; M7040DT-1; M7040DTC; M7040DTC-1; M7040HD; M7040HD-1; M7040HDC; M7040HDC-1; M7060HD; M7060HDC; M8560HD; M8560HD12; M8560HDC; M8560HDC12; M9540DT; M9540DT-1; M9540HD; M9540HD-1; M9540HD12; M9540HD12-1; M9540HDL; M9540HDL-1/HDL-1S; M96SHDM; M9960HD; M9960HD12; M9960HDC; M9960HDC12; M9960HDL/HDLSN
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Package Includes:
1* Safety Switch 5T057-42230
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5T057-42230 Safety Switch Compatible with Kubota B2301HSD B2301HSD-1 B26 B2601HSD

$35.50 USD

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