Payment Methods

We support Credit Card, Paypal, Shop Pay, Digital Wallets and Local payment methods for specific Regions.

1. PayPal


2. Credit Card

Notice: Please write your specific shipping address and your phone number.

A. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and UnionPay credit cards. Your credit card information will be securely submitted to and verified by cards institution to ensure authorized usage.

B. Please make sure your billing information and shipping information is the same, or the payment will end into failure.

C. If your credit card payment fail, please contact the customer's service online. We will help you to change another payment.

D. As to the payment failure, if the failure remarks: If it remarks Do not honor, which means the card issuing card feel there's risk in this visa deal and they refuse the deal. If this happens, please call your bank for authorization first, then try again. If it remarks Declined, it means you input the wrong card holder's name, card number, validity, cvv2, etc information. Under such occasion, you can reorder and input the right infomation, if it still declined, then the buyer needs to go to the bank and prove he is the crad holder

3. Shop Pay

Shop Pay is powered by Shopify and free with Shopify Payments. You can learn more through its websize:

4. Digital Wallets

Digital wallet payments include Google Pay and Apple Pay.

5. Local Payment Methods

For some specific countries/regions, we offer a familiar payment method.
Bancontact is available to customers in Belgium and iDEAL is available to customers in Netherlands.

Notice: After finishing the payment, please send us the specific shipping address and your phone number. Thank you for cooperation.

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